Garden of Salvation
Raid Completion – Destiny 2

The Garden of Salvation Raid was introduced with Shadowkeep and is currently the best source of pinnacle power. In the Garden of Salvation raid six guardians go to the Moon to investigate Vex activity. Upon loading in you see a large vex gate, guarded by a large contingent of vex enemies. Once these enemies are defeated the portal opens and the guardians are teleported to a familiar location, the Black Garden.

Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation is a raid that takes you through the Black Garden, a location that should be familiar to fans of the original Destiny game. It was introduced in the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion and is a fully Vex raid—the first since the original Destiny’s Vault of Glass. 

The Garden of Salvation Raid is a prime source for pinnacle gear. It also provides powerful weapons and high stat roll armor. The rewards from this raid can prove useful in the Trials of Osiris or other PvE settings.

Garden of Salvation Raid Completion

In the Garden of Salvation raid, six guardians are sent to the Moon to investigate Vex activity. Upon loading in, you’ll see a Vex gate that’s guarded by a large group of Vex enemies. Defeat the enemies, and the portal will open to the Black Garden.

Here you will fight legions of Vex headed by two Vex bosses whom you will have to defeat, the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind. Each encounter within the raid gives one piece of pinnacle gear. With four encounters in the Garden of Salvation you get four +2 pieces of pinnacle gear.

You should prepare for the Garden of Salvation raid by stocking up on some essential weapons. While they’re not required to complete it, they make getting through raid encounters much easier:


As well as being the prime source for pinnacle gear, the Garden of Salvation raid also provides powerful weapons and high stat roll armor.  


Weekly Raid Challenge:

This challenge can be completed if you select the add-on for it. Completing the challenge for the first time will unlock a triumph for the Enlightened title. As well as rewarding you with an extra piece of pinnacle gear from that encounter. The challenge can be completed once per character per week.


Garden of Salvation Exclusive Loot:

Unique Garden of Salvation armor sets:

Garden of Salvation Armor Sets (Titan, Hunter, Warlock)


Unique Garden of Salvation weapons:

Reckless Oracle Auto Rifle

Ancient Gospel Handcannon

Prophet of Doom Shotgun

Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle

Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle

Zealot’s Reward Fusion Rifle

Accrued Redemption Bow


Garden of Salvation Hidden Chests:

We will collect all hidden chests within the Garden of Salvation raid. These chests contain a chance at high stat roll armor and exclusive Garden of Salvation mods


Divinity is the new exotic released for the Garden of Salvation raid. Divinity is an exotic trace rifle which has a very unique property. When continuously fired at an enemy they are debuffed, increasing incoming damage by 30% and creating a large crit spot making it easier for you teammates to land crits. This unique property to debuff enemies and create an easy critical area have made Divinity a staple in many endgame activities. If you would like us to obtain this weapon for you go to the product page here: https://sherpasofdestiny.com/product/divinity/. Whether you haven’t done any of the questline or are part way through we can tailor the product to your needs


Required Power Level: 920+

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Garden of Salvation Raid – Destiny 2


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