Moon Armor and Weapons

Essence Completion

Collect and cleanse Essence to get new Moon Armor and Weapons!

By cleansing the Essence you have collected you can receive new Moon specific Armor and Weapons. You can keep buying these Essences once unlocked and keep grinding for that perfect god roll item you have in mind!

You must have unlocked the selected Essence.
If you want us to get the Phantasmal Core needed to purchase the Essence please select the option. 

Essence of Pride

Essence of Isolation
Essence of Fear

Essence of Anguish

Essence of Despair

Essence of Brutality – Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon
Essence of Envy – Pulse Rifle
Essence of Failure – Arc Logic Auto Rifle
Essence of Insanity – Love and Death Grenade Launcher
Essence of Servitude – Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle
Essence of Rage – One Small Step Shotgun
Essence of Greed – A Fine Memorial Light Machine Gun
Essence of Jealousy – Night Terror Sword
Essence of Vanity – Tranquility Sniper Rifle
Essence of Obscurity – Every Waking Moment SMG

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Moon Weapons & Armor


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