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Destiny 2 Raid Carry Service

Not everyone has unlimited hours to pour into games like Destiny 2—which makes it very difficult to compete against players who don’t have other responsibilities on their plate. That’s why we offer raid carries to help bridge the gap.

What Is a Destiny 2 Raid Carry?

Destiny 2 raids put you in some of the most captivating PvE challenges. But even the most seasoned of Guardians need help traversing these environments. With help from our Sherpas, you’ll always have a team by your side.

Utilizing our Destiny 2 raid carries, trusted Sherpas can guide you through the toughest trials or even play the game for you. We’ll save you time and frustration from endless grinding and help you unlock valuable weapons, loot, and rewards.

What Raids Do We Carry?

Our Sherpas will carry your account for you through any raid in Destiny 2. Choose from any of our raid carry services, and get desirable weapons, gear, and achievements. We’ll complete services at your pace, allowing you to get the loot you want, when you want it. We will also be teaching you game mechanics to provide a true learning experience.

Expert Sherpas will help you complete any PvE challenge, unlocking exclusive weapons and armor that can be used in the Trials of Osiris and PvP matches. Let our Sherpas carry you through these and many other raids: 

  • Vow of the Disciple
  • Master Vault of Glass
  • Vault of Glass
  • Deep Stone Crypt
  • Garden of Salvation
  • Prophecy Dungeon
  • Pit of Heresy
  • Last Wish

Unlock New Gear Today

Get the guidance you need from our Sherpas today. Let them carry you, play for you, or be your teammate, and unlock the best loot and achievements for your Guardian today. Purchase one of our Destiny 2 raid carry services, or choose another one of our featured products.

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