1000 Voices – Guaranteed Raid Exotics

Guaranteed Raid Exotics

Get Destiny 2 Raid Exotics 100% guaranteed! We will obtain the Destiny 2 Raid Exotic of your choosing it no matter how many raids it takes. We will complete 3x Raids (1 per character) every week until you receive your Destiny 2 Raid Exotic.

Destiny 2 Raid Exotics

1000 Voices : Last Wish Raid

Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid Exotic : 1000 Voices 

1000 Voices or 1k Voices is a Exotic Solar Heavy Fusion Rifle from the Destiny 2’s Last Wish Raid. The 1000 Voices Exotic is a high DPS option well suited for any endgame PVE content including Raids, Dungeons and Strikes. Not only is 1000 Voices a solid choice for any PVE encounter, it has a notorious reputation in Gambit as being both a powerhouse for invading the enemy team while still melting your Primeval when it counts.

1000 Voices is also a legitimate contender in Destiny 2’s Crucible, just be careful that you don’t blow yourself up!

Anarchy : Scourge Of The Past Raid

Destiny 2 Scourge Of The Past Raid Exotic : Anarchy

The Anarchy is an Exotic Arc Grenade Launcher that drops only from The Scourge Of The Past Raid in Destiny 2. Anarchy is a MUST HAVE for any Guardian looking for a Solo Flawless Completion in Destiny 2’s newest Dungeon : The Prophecy. With the Season of Arrivals The Anarchy gains the ability to spawn Warmind cells.

Anarchy is a versatile gun that is truly unique and perfect for bosses. Setting up traps that can do incredible damage to a group of enemies or just one single target. What makes this gun truly unique is that once fired at a target(s) you can switch to another weapon and have two sources of damage applying at the same time.

Simply pair your Anarchy with a Seventh Seraph Weapon, tag your enemy with an Arc Sticky Grenade from Anarchy and finish off your enemy with the Seventh Seraph to spawn a Warmind cell. Destroy the Warmind cell for another DPS boost and continue to lay waste to hordes of enemies.

Tarabah : Crown Of Sorrow Raid

Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid Exotic : Tarabah

The Tarabah is an Exotic SMG obtained from Destiny 2’s Crown of Sorrow Raid. Tarbah has 2 unique perks, the first being its Exotic perk called Ravenous Beast. The perk works by storing power when you deal or receive damage. Once the orange indicator, which is on the side of the gun, is full you’ll need to hold reload and you’re damage and fire rate will increase substantially.

Tarabah’s other unique perk is called Bottomless Appetite, and it works by extending the duration of Ravenous Beast if you deal continuous damage. These two unique perks work hand in hand making the Tarbah a competitive option in most DPS builds.

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