What Changed for the Trials of Osiris in the Season of the lost?

New Trials of Osiris loot

Trials of Osiris and its rewards received an overhaul for season of the lost. Saint 14 now features a rank up system wherein playing games in the trials of Osiris earns you reputation using the Guardian -> Legend ranking system already present within the game. This new system lets players not only earn extra rewards […]

Hung Jury God Rolls and Perks – Destiny 2

Hung Jury Destiny 2

Hung Jury God Roll / Suggested Perks Why is Hung Jury good in Destiny 2? Hung Jury was reintroduced with the Season of the Splicer as one of three reintroduced, exclusive nightfall weapons. In the current PvE sandbox where the weapons used each season are decided by the seasonal artifact, having good weapons in each […]

Reed’s Regret Perks and God Roll – Destiny 2

Reed's Regret Linear Fusion Rifle

Reed’s Regret God Roll / Suggested Perks What is Reed’s Regret? Reed’s Regret is a stasis damage, linear fusion rifle added in Season of the Lost as the newest reward from the Trials of Osiris. Linear fusion rifles have been becoming more and more meta as each season goes by, seeing only buffs while other […]

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