Iron Banner Is Back! Season Of Arrivals

  Iron banner is returning for the first time in Destiny 2’s Season Of Arrivals. With a reprised set of new seasonal armor and a mix of new and returning weapons all with the season of arrivals infusion stamp there is a lot to get and a lot of Iron Banner Rewards to grind for. While all […]

Trials Rewards : How To Farm Trials Tokens, Random Weapon Rolls and Ascendant Materials and What Weapons Are The Best?

What Trials of Osiris Rewards Drop This Week? 3 Wins – Auto Rifle (The Summoner) 5 Wins – Fusion Rifle (Exile’s Curse)   7 Wins – Sniper Rifle (Eye of Sol) FLAWLESS – Class Item (Bond, Cloak, Mark of the Exile)     Trials Rewards : How To Farm Trials Tokens, Random Weapon Rolls and Ascendant […]

Lightweight Shotguns – Are They Good? And How Can I Get The Best Ones?

Lightweight Shotguns – Are they good? And how can I get the best ones? The shotgun meta in PVP has long been dominated by the Aggressive Frame archetype. Everyone has heard of or been killed by a Mindbender’s Ambition, or more recently the Astral Horizon. But what makes these weapons special? Even in their own […]

Leviathan Raid in Year 3

Going Back To The Leviathan In Year 3, What Is It Good For? The Leviathan raid was the first raid released in Destiny 2. It was released in season 1 as the place to gain power and to gain it quickly. On it’s release Destiny 2 loadouts still consisted of double primary weapons, with special […]

The Guardian Games!

Hello and Welcome to The Guardian Games! Word around the tower is that guardians are having trouble deciding which class is best. This event looks to settle that quarrel, as well as to bring new and exciting powerful loot! Guardian Games is on track to run until the 11/05/2020 and each day brings new competition […]