Eriana’s Vow Catalyst

Eriana’s Vow Catalyst

Eriana’s Vow Catalyst generates Orbs on multi-kills and displays the number of enemies defeated by using it.


When upgraded to a Masterwork, this weapon receives additional bonuses.

Increases magazine size. Holstering this weapon automatically reloads it after a short period of time.



  • Must have the Prospector Catalyst.
  • We do not provide the service for obtaining the Catalyst, only the completion of it.

*This option is for no season pass boost. If you are of rank 11 or 22 for your season pass please enter live chat*

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Our team will sign onto your profile to complete the Selected amount of progress + the 500 kills with the Eriana’s Vow for the Catalyst completion.
*Come into Live Chat for a custom quote*

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