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Trials of Osiris Carry – Destiny 2

A flawless Trials of Osiris card has never been easier with our Sherpas! Runs are 100% guaranteed. Earn exclusive loot and learn from the best during your Trials carry.

Rewards from Trials of Osiris

In the Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2 players face some of the highest level PvP matches in the game. Only the most elite players stand a chance in this highly competitive environment. The challenge is great, but so are the rewards, which can be used in other PvP and PvE challenges

But some Guardians may not have the time or skill necessary to complete the Trials of Osiris. It can be frustrating getting matched against tougher opponents or struggling all day to find a solid team. With our Destiny 2 carry services, you’ll have skilled Sherpas to help you face the Trials and earn special rewards.

Unlock exclusive weapons and armor found only in the Trials of Osiris. Maps change every week, as do the rewards. So be sure to come back regularly and enlist the help of our Sherpas.

Difference Between a Flawless & Non-Flawless Run

Getting a Flawless run in the Trials of Osiris is no easy task. It requires that every member of the team be highly skilled. To get a Flawless run, your team must win 7 matches in a row without suffering any defeat. The best rewards are reserved for Guardians that complete a flawless Trials of Osiris passage.

Trials of Osiris Rewards For The Week 09/17/2021
Flawless - Reed's Regret Linear Fusion Rifle (Adept)

What Do You Need Beforehand?
Before purchasing a Trials of Osiris carry service,  you must meet these requirements:
1,290 Base Power
25,000 Glimmer
Valor Reset (1x in your account’s history)
50 Kills in the Crucible

Make a Better Guardian Now
Save time and frustration with flawless carries and other boosting services in the Trials of Osiris. Destiny 2 players can unlock exclusive weapons and rewards for their Guardian, powering up their Guardian and giving them the ultimate edge.
We’ve completed over 25,000 services to date. See what others are saying about our Sherpas.

Sherpas of Destiny never uses cheats on Trials of Osiris orders, we also don't use any exploits during Trials of Osiris orders either.

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