What Gear And Weapons Do I Use on Grandmaster Nightfalls?

Grandmaster Nightfall

What is Grandmaster Nightfall? 

Grandmaster Nightfalls are a new tier of Difficulty added to the Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike. The Grandmaster Nightfall tier has a Power Level of 1050 and your Guardian’s Power is capped at only 1025. This combination makes the activity one of the hardest and most punishing in the current sandbox. And it doesn’t just stop at Power Level handicaps, modifiers in this activity include, extinguish (wiping sends you to orbit), limited revives, match game and locked Loadouts to name a few.

Successfully completing the Grandmaster Nightfall requires a full fireteam of guardians at 1025 Power Level with flawless communication and solid teamwork.

And the Grandmaster Nightfall Rewards?

The biggest reward is a seasonal title “Conqueror”. While it won’t go away after the season ends all of the requirements for it must be met within a single season. The rewards from the actual Grandmaster Nightfall are essentially double drops when compared to what you earn from Master Nightfalls. As an added bonus any Exotics obtained during the Grandmaster Nightfall will also roll with higher base stats.

What Loadout Do I Need For Grandmaster Nightfalls?

Even though it was hit with a hard nerf this season, Izanagi’s Burden is still the king of burst DPS especially when paired with a Divinity. This trusty combo will be your go to when it comes to taking out the various Champions found in the Grandmaster Nightfall. Between Izanagi’s Burden and Divinity combo any Major can easily be dealt with but what about the pesky onslaught of never ending low level enemies?

For the waves of low level enemies in the Grandmaster Nightfalls we specifically recommend The Recluse. The Recluse has been a staple in PVE for many Seasons in Destiny 2 and will continue to thrive in future seasons. This season’s Artifact Mod gave it a huge buff by allowing it to slot anti-barrier rounds. Pair this with your Divinity player running unstoppable hand cannon with their primary and your team can easily dispose of all three types of champion.

Honorable mentions include Eriana’s Vow for piercing champion shields and Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver for Warmind Cells which are heavily underrated for endgame level content.

If you would like a helping hand obtaining these weapons please visit the following locations, Izanagi’s Burden, Divinity, The RecluseOfficer Revolver.

Best Guardian Subclass For The Grandmaster Nightfall?

When it comes to team composition the classic PVE staples still apply. The traditional best subclasses include Well of Radiance, Bubble Titan, Orpheus rig hunter are all top picks for Grandmaster Nightfalls. There are a couple utility picks including bottom tree Nightstalker for the team invisibility, allowing for clutch revives and saves. Another niche utility pick is top tree Dawnblade with the artifact mods “Flare Up” and “Inferno Whip.” The combination of these mods allows you to stagger unstoppable champions with a solar melee as well as refunding the melee charge on a successful stagger. The tracking on the projectile melee of top tree Dawnblade makes this the easiest class to do this on but all classes have a way to do this including Hunters with throwing knives and for Titans there is middle tree Sunbreaker with throwing hammers.

Putting It All Together!

Standard weapon composition includes Two people with Izanagi / Recluse (Anti-Barrier rounds) / LMG (Edgewise, 21% Delirium, Hammerhead based on elemental shields) with the final person using any Hand Cannon (unstoppable rounds) / Divinity / LMG (Normally 21% delirium to help with lower ad clear potential). Two anti-barrier Recluses are used because one will only unreliably break barrier champion shields whereas you can guarantee it more often with two. In a lot of cases Anti-Barrier champions are the hardest to deal with the more options you have in your arsenal to deal with them the better off your team will be in the Grandmaster Nightfall. The final piece of the puzzle is special finisher. This allows weapons that are used for the majority of the Grandmaster Nightfall Strike (Izanagi, Divinity) to maintain ammo levels throughout the entire run.

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