Spare Rations God Roll? What Perks to Farm for?

Spare Rations God Rolls / Suggested Perks

What is a God Roll?

A god roll is a specific set of perks for any particular weapon that the community believes will be most effective within the current meta. However there will always be some variance in what your personal best perks are. There can be multiple understood “God Roll” this blog will help you to understand some of the potential Spare Ration God Rolls that are obtainable.

Why is Spare Rations so sought after?

Spare Rations comes default with some of the highest base stats for a hand cannon. The gun by default boasts an aim assist value of 92, along with a handling stat of 74 and a base stability of 50. These default stats make even a bad Spare Rations roll a competitive gun.

Okay so Spare Rations is good but what about a Spare Rations God Roll?

According to the community the most sought after God Roll Spare Rations is one that rolls the following Perks : Hammer Forged, Hi Caliber Rounds, Rapid Hit, Kill Clip with a Range Masterwork.

But you’ve got other options too!

The above Spare Rations God Roll prioritizes high range, flinch via Hi Caliber rounds while still maintaining a strong kill/reload based perk. Other Guardians prioritize range above all else instead of utilizing perks that require reloading (Kill Clip/Multi Kill Clip).

Masterwork : You truly do want the Range Masterwork as range is tied to multiple stats its what makes a gun feel good or sticky so to speak.

First Slot (Barrel)
: Hammer Forged, Fullbore, Smallbore anything that boosts range is good!

Second Slot
: Hi Cal Rounds (Flinching enemies), Ricochet Rounds (Range/Stability), Light Mag (Range/Reload Speed)

Third Slot
: Rapid Hit for increased stability and reload speed or Snapshot Sights for the faster aim down sight time.

Final Slot : Kill Clip, Slideshot, or Rangefinder every option is top tier and each individual will have a preference to one of the three mentioned perks.

YT Credit Drewskys

Okay what about PVE though?

I didn’t forget! The above Spare Ration God Rolls and perk considerations are geared towards PVP. So let’s talk about PVE what should you be shooting for if you need a PVE Spare Rations God Roll.

Masterwork : You truly do want the Range Masterwork as range is tied to multiple stats its what makes a gun feel good or sticky so to speak.

First Slot (Barrel)
 : Hammer ForgedFullboreSmallbore for range bonus. Corkscrew or Fluted for the handling bonus.

Second Slot
 : Appended Mag for the higher magazine capacity or Flared Magwell for the greatly increased reload speed.

Third Slot
: Fourth Time’s the Charm landing precision hits returns rounds to the magazine or Rapid Hit for the increased reload speed.

Final Slot : Rampage or Multikill Clip both are great options

When Can We Farm Spare Rations God Rolls?

Spare Rations can be farmed Bi-Weekly from Reckoning be sure to visit our Spare Rations Farming product, the product title will have “LIVE” in it when the farm is active.



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