The Guardian Games 2021!

Hello and Welcome to The Guardian Games 2021!

Word around the tower is that guardians are having trouble deciding which class is best. This event looks to settle that quarrel, as well as to bring new and exciting powerful loot! Guardian Games 2021 is on track to run until the new season and each day brings new competition as well as new medals and bounties to complete.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a lot of work, but what am I going to get out of it? Aside from the opportunity to represent your favorite class on the battlefield, Bungie has provided us with some sweet, sweet loot. The main reward of this event, and it’s a big one for sure, is the Heavy Machine Gun “Heir Apparent.” If you’ve ever been gunned down by a Cabal Colossus you’ll have seen this weapon before, and it’s just as effective in your hands as it is in theirs.

Guardian Games 2021
Heir Apparent Exotic Machinegun

While not quite on the Boss DPS levels of Xenophage or Anarchy the overall DPS and ad-clear potential of the weapon is very high and will make a very powerful addition to your guardian’s arsenal. To get the Exotic Heir Apparent Machine Gun you will need to complete 7 Guardian Games Triumphs all requiring a huge time commitment often taken multiple days to complete.

But the grind is most certainly worth it, Heir Apparent is a worthy addition to any Guardian’s arsenal. Although the Triumphs can seem daunting the reward should have you motivated to power thru the requirements.

Not only is Bungie giving us a powerful new Exotic to slay the minions of the darkness, they are also rewarding guardians three ghost shells with a combination of perks that were usually reserved for Eververse purchasable content.. These three new ghosts represent the three guardian factions, and while you can equip any ghost on any character, it would be a disservice to not make sure that each of your character is sporting their matching ghost.

So what’s so special about these ghosts then? Aside from being some of the best-looking ghosts in the game they come with the unique combination of the ghost shell perks Guiding Light and Speed Demon. These two perks allow you to have instant summon on your sparrow, no more holding down the button for 3 seconds to summon your sparrow with this ghost. And Guiding Light increases all XP gains by 10%, meaning you can level up that season pass faster and increase your power level in the most efficient way possible.

Guardian Games 2021Guardian Games 2021Guardian Games 2021

This event is only live for three weeks and you can only get one ghost per week so don’t want to miss out on these! To get these ghosts you have to complete the weekly bounty “A Classy Challenge”, with each week rewarding you with one of the three ghosts. Don’t miss out on these sweet rewards Guardians!

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