Exotic Sniper Rifle

Cloudstrike is obtained by completing Empire Hunts on an elective difficulty. It is an exotic sniper rifle and deals arc damage.Let our sherpas get Cloudstrike for you today!

Cloudstrike is an Arc Rapid Fire sniper rifle with the exotic perk Mortal Polarity which spawns a bolt of lightning with precision damage kills, and the extra exotic perk Stormbringer which causes bolts of lightning on rapid precision hits.

How to get Cloudstrike:

To acquire the Cloudstrike you first need to unlock the Sabotage perk European Explorer II from Variks. You can then complete the weekly empire hunt on elected difficulty which gives a chance to drop the Cloudstrike. With this service we guarantee acquiring the Cloudstrike for you.

Requirements and Order Options


  • Beyond Light DLC
  • 1200+ power level
  • Europan Explorer II

Order Options

This is a Play For service only. Our sherpas will log onto your account and grind the weapon out for you

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