3x Flawless Trials of the Nine

Flawless Trials Carry

Live Experience

Want to run with some of the best PvP player’s Destiny has to offer during your trials carry? All of our Sherpas are top tier PvPer’s that in addition to fulfilling orders compete in Tournaments monthly. Running with our Sherpas you can expect a rewarding learning experience, we go out of our way to teach tips and strategies to improve your PvP skill set. We strive to provide more than just a normal trials carry, taking time to ensure we teach along the way.

Need advice on your class build, armor, or weapon load-out? Ask away! During our Trials run we’ll go over the strategies for the map, power points and positioning. Again we wish to offer more than just a plain trials carry, rather a learning experience that will leave you equally pleased with the loot and experience.

Away for the day?

Not a problem, we understand your time is valuable, we’re happy to login to your account and complete the trials run for a discounted rate. Please leave a note with your login, the character you would like us to go flawless on, contact info, and the best time to complete the run and we will be happy to assist.

*260+ Light Level requirement

Single Run Package located here : Click Here

These runs can be split up however you’d like them. We can do 1x each week or any combination you desire. We utilize a robust order management system that keeps track of all open and non completed services. Specify in the “additional notes” section how you would like your runs handled. 

Buy Now!

Price: Just From: $135.00 $116.25!

1x Flawless Trials of the Nine × 3

$45.00 $38.75 / pc.

Extra Games

Trials is very loot friendly, we will farm extra games for you!

Play With/Play For * 

Let the Sherpas play for you, or schedule a run with the Sherpas! Due to recently high demand “Play With” prices have gone up, to ensure quality and reduce wait times.

Would you like the run Streamed? * 

For “Play For” orders our Sherpas are willing to stream the order so you can watch as they play

Trials of the Nine (5x Extra Games) – optional

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