Gilded Flawless Triumph Seal

Everything is better in Gold! With Season of The Chosen you can now earn your Gilded Flawless Seal. The previous Seal requirements still apply but Bungie has added a completely new set of challenges to help your Flawless Title stick out above the rest.

 NEW: GILDED SEAL Challenges– All Roads to Victory and Challenges after (10 Wins Mercy, 10 Wins Ferocity, 10 Wins Wisdom, 10 Wins Wealth, 10 Wins Confidence) & Lighthouse Warrior, Light for the Lost, Flawless Empyrean, Guardian, I Have a Gift and lastly Exotic Passage.


Our Standard Flawless Seal can be found here, Click here.


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Select the challenges you want us to complete, these are separate from the standard Flawless Seal Triumphs.

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