Iron Banner Is Back! Season Of Arrivals


Iron banner is returning for the first time in Destiny 2’s Season Of Arrivals. With a reprised set of new seasonal armor and a mix of new and returning weapons all with the season of arrivals infusion stamp there is a lot to get and a lot of Iron Banner Rewards to grind for. While all the old favorites are all there to earn this season with a current season badge, two new weapons have been added to the Iron Banner Rewards pool this season; The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy.

The Fool’s Remedy is a Suros Rapid Fire Frame Solar Sidearm. This is the FIRST solar Suros sidearm and one of the best new energy weapon primary options there is for this season. Suros sidearms have a unique firing type shooting full auto so it will keep firing so long as you sit on the trigger, meaning that it’s damage output is very high and they have a very competitive TTK in both PvE and PvP. The Fool’s Remedy features the dynamic duo of PvE perk combinations; reload perk/damage perk. Being able to combine Kill Clip with perks like Subsistence, Feeding Frenzy and Fourth Times the Charm will turn this sidearm into an ad clear machine in PvE


For PvP The Fool’s Remedy will be able to get some very good rolls as well, sporting all the newly buffed perks from the new season patch as well as some brand new perks with some returning old favorites.  Some notable combos to look out for on The Fool’s Remedy are Moving Target / Pulse Monitor / Hip-Fire Grip + Eye of the Storm/Rangefinder.

The Fool’s Remedy Possible Perks


Possible perks (The Forward Path)
Onto the real contender for top weapon this season The Forward Path is a kinetic 600rpm auto rifle. Being in the same archetype as meta staples Summoner and Gnawing Hunter who aren’t only best in class but some of the best weapons in the crucible this season. The Forward Path takes everything good about The Summoner and everything good about Gnawing Hunger and combines them both in the kinetic slot. The Forward Path is going to be a monster in PvP with Dynamic Sway Reduction + Tap the Trigger turning the weapon into a laser of bullets. You can also get some really competitive PvE rolls on The Forward Path with the possibility of Feeding Frenzy/Fourth Times the Charm + Multikill Clip / Swashbuckler you’ll be able to mow down ads faster than they can come at you.

Doing this season’s iron banner quest will also unlock the exclusive “Light Unbridled” emblem, only available in Season Of Arrivals

Light Unbridled Emblem

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