Trials Rewards : How To Farm Trials Tokens, Random Weapon Rolls and Ascendant Materials and What Weapons Are The Best?

What Trials of Osiris Rewards Drop This Week?

3 Wins – Auto Rifle (The Summoner)

5 Wins – Fusion Rifle (Exile’s Curse)


7 Wins – Sniper Rifle (Eye of Sol)

FLAWLESS – Class Item (Bond, Cloak, Mark of the Exile)



Trials Rewards : How To Farm Trials Tokens, Random Weapon Rolls and Ascendant Materials and What Weapons Are The Best?

This season Trials of Osiris has brought us some of the most powerful and unique loot in the current sandbox, for both PvE and PvP. Along with this activity comes a new way of farming for this loot. Trials of Osiris brings back the token system for its loot but in a unique way. Every game earns you token, and all of the bounties do as well. The one catch with this system is that the loot works on a knockout system, in that you can only earn rewards from trials engrams that you have unlocked through trials and you have to have achieved 3 rewards as well. This allows a method of obtaining good rolls on weapons known as the 3 win farming method. Essentially you only play games to unlock the reward that you are after and then play games on low-win cards to not dilute the loot pool and complete games and bounties faster to earn more tokens. In future seasons this will change as wins further in the card will earn more tokens, but for now 3 win farming while the weapon you are after is the low win reward or already unlocked is the best way to subvert RNG and get the roll you’re after.

Trials of Osiris Armor

While all of the weapons in the Trials Rewards are good, there are a few notable standouts. The auto rifle “The Summoner,” shotgun “Astral Horizon,” and sniper “Eye of Sol” are all new meta defining legendary weapons added in this seasons loot pool. Each week the Trials Rewards change, be sure to check out this blog or our Trials Service to see what Trials Rewards are currently being offered.

The standout weapon of these three is Astral Horizon. The Astral Horizon is a Kinetic, Aggressive Frame shotgun, the same weapon archetype as Mindbenders Ambition, and is the only kinetic aggressive frame shotgun that can roll with quickdraw. This shotgun is unarguably the best kinetic shotgun in the game, and allows new weapon pairings to be achieved, taking advantage of great energy weapons such as Waking Vigil, Kindled Orchid and the Recluse. In short this is a powerful option and any opportunity to get even a good roll on one should be taken. Truly one of the Best Trials Rewards.
Astral Horizon Perks and Recommendations
Eye of Sol Perks and Recommendations
Eye of Sol is another Trials Reward that introduces unique options to the perk pool. While it is not as meta-defining as Astral Horizon, Eye of Sol still can hold it’s own in a sandbox with many powerful legendary snipers with which to compete. The biggest drawback to Eye of Sol is that it is directly competing with Revoker as the go to in the kinetic slot. While it does not have the same level of utility as Revoker, Eye of Sol can be a lot more powerful comparing shot to shot because it can roll with snapshot, opening shot. With this combination of perks it allows for consistent kills because of fast ADS and high aim assist on that opening shot.
The Summoner is the final stand out Trials Reward that represents the best its archetype has to offer in a legendary form. The Summoner is a 600rpm auto rifle, the same archetype as meta staples such as Hard Light, Suros Regime and Gnawing Hunger. What makes this auto rifle special is its innate long-range scope which greatly extends the range even before adding range from perks. Add this to the good pool of perks and you get a powerhouse of a weapon that is good in both PvE and PvP. For PvP Zen Moment / Rangefinder or Celerity allows you to take engagements at ranges that other weapons can’t and maintain the 0.7TTK that auto rifles are allowed because of their close range nature. For PvE, Overflow in combination with Rampage or Dragonfly will give you a weapon that is unmatched in it’s ability to mow through your rank and file enemies, and even challenge more powerful ones.
The Summoner Perks and Recommendations

Trials of Osiris is the premiere place for some of the best weapons and armor that this season has to offer. So what are you waiting for, check out our services to find one that matches your needs. Whether you want to get the experience of reaching the lighthouse with a tier 1 team or simply want to log on and have all your loot waiting in your inventory we have the service for you. Come check out what we have on offer, do not miss out on these stunning Trials Rewards.


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