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Iron Banner is back, and Bungie has completely changed it for Destiny 2! Instead of reputation and bounties, Guardians will now receive Tokens. Tokens can be used to unlock up to 10 engrams from Lord Saladin. Instead of daily and weekly bounties, Guardians compete directly in the Crucible. Teams that win games will receive more tokens than the losing side. If the token system is the same as the rest of Destiny 2, it should take 20 Tokens to receive 1 engram from Saladin, and 200 Tokens in total to unlock all 10 engrams.

Our Iron Banner boosting service is for Guardians who don’t have enough time to grind it out all day long for those 10 engrams. Our Sherpas will login to your account and play for you, or we’ll have a Sherpa play with you live. We try our best to win the majority of games, but it can be a bit harder to carry a team in Destiny 2 compared to Destiny 1’s Iron Banner.

Required Power Level : 1010+

 New In Season Of Arrivals!

New Emblem, Shader and Weapons

Complete the New Destiny 2 Quest “Old Reliables” to be rewarded with The Forward Path Auto Rifle, The Fool’s Remedy Sidearm, Iron Vendetta Shader and the Light Unbridled Emblem.

Quest Steps

Old Reliables – Defeats opponents using Sidearm (25) and Auto Rifles(25)
Securing Provisions – Return to Lord Saladin in the Tower to claim your Rewards

Learn More About These New Rewards In Our Detailed Reward Blog! 

For our Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rank Up Service we will obtain the amount of tokens needed for the amount of ranks that you select. You need 20 Iron Banner Tokens to turn in for one Legendary Iron Engram which rewards legendary weapon or armor.

  • 1 Rank Up is 20 Iron Banner Tokens
  • 5 Rank Ups is 100 Iron Banner Tokens
  • 10 Rank Ups is 200 Iron Banner Tokens


For our Bounty Completion service we will complete all 4 Weekly Bounties that Lord Saladin offers. For each bounty you will receive a pinnacle reward and Iron Banner tokens to turn in for Legendary Iron Engrams.

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