Presage Mission – Destiny 2

Introduced in the Season of the Chosen, the Presage mission in Destiny 2 takes Guardians through an abandoned Cabal ship filled with treacherous obstacles and maze-like pathways. The reward is the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic scout rifle, a weapon with random perks that match different playstyles. Completing Presage on Master difficulty will nab you a Catalyst for the Dead Man’s Tale, upgrading this mighty weapon even further.

But these quests can be challenging even for the most experienced Guardians. With help from our Sherpas, you can unlock a new roll of the Dead Man’s Tale, earn new Triumphs, and even complete a Flawless Master Presage run in Destiny 2.

Complete this mission to get a randomly rolled Dead Man’s Tale!

The Presage mission will be available after completing a hidden quest in the Arms Dealer Strike. You can complete this mission once every week to get a randomly rolled Dead Man’s Tale. You can also complete various other Triumphs for score, the Dead Man’s Tale drops as a pinnacle reward complete with random rolls!

Our Presage Mission Services

Play with our Sherpas by your side, or have them play for you in the Destiny 2 Presage mission. You can enlist our services for multiple characters.

  • Weekly Dead Man’s Tale Roll – Come back to us each week to unlock a new random roll of this Exotic scout rifle.
  • Master Completion – Work with our Sherpas to complete the Presage Master in Destiny 2.
  • Flawless Master Completion – Sherpas will meet the requirements for a flawless run of the mission.

Earn Prestigious Triumphs

With faithful Sherpas by your side, you can earn all the Triumphs from Presage in Destiny 2.

The Sights I’ve Seen
Complete the Exotic quest “Presage.” Destiny 2 players can use our Sherpas to complete a run-through of the Presage mission.
Must have unlocked the Dead Man’s Tale.

Lone Gun in a Dark Place
Complete Presage Solo without dying. Sherpas will solo the Presage mission for you without dying once.
Must have unlocked the “Presage” mission.

Figments of an Answer
Uncover clues aboard the Glykon. Our Sherpas will collect these clues for you at no additional cost.
Free add-on, our Sherpas will collect the clues for you.

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Must be of 1230+ Power Level for the base mission

1290+ Power Requirement to the Master Presage Mission
Must have unlocked the Dead Man’s Tale

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Presage Mission – Destiny 2


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