The Blind Well

The Blind Well

The Blind Well is a horde mode for the Forsaken expansion which is similar to Escalation Protocol and Court of Oryx.  It offers several tiers of difficulty in which players fight through waves of enemies for a chest which rewards Dark FragmentsLegendary Gear and most importantly a Seed of Light. The higher the tier completed the higher chance a Seed of Light will be rewarded upon completion.

Seeds of Light are the only way to unlock a new subclass and are a rare drop from this activity.

Petra Venj also offers several bounties which require Blind Well completions.


  • Must have access to the Blind Well and be 500+ Power Level or 550+ for Unstable Light offering 
  • Must have the Charge of Light – Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III to start the event
  • If ordering the Gateway Between Worlds bounty completion you are not required to have Charges of Light but must have the bounty.


The Blind Well offers different rewards based on the Tier that it was completed on

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Unstable Charge of Light
  • Dark Fragments
  • Dark Fragments
  • Dark Fragments
  • Powerful Reward (1x Per character per week)
  • Dreaming City Gear
  • Dreaming City Gear
  • Dreaming City Gear
  • The Hive Champion, The Scorn Champion or The Taken Champion Triumph node completion (Boss rotates weekly)
  • Charge of Light Tier 1
  • Charge of Light Tier 2
  • Charge of Light Tier 3
  • Charge of Light Tier 2 (Rare)
  • Charge of Light Tier 3
  • Seed of Light (Rare)
  • Seed of Light (Rare)

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