Altar of Sorrow

Activity Completion

Earn weapons by completing this challenging new activity!

Altar of Sorrow is a challenging public event activity on the Moon. Complete several waves as a team to trigger a boss spawn, once you defeat the boss you will have a guaranteed weapon drop with random rolls. There are 3 different bosses that are on a daily rotation with a total of 3 different weapons and a Ghost Shell as rewards.


All rewards are not guaranteed, the drops are RNG based.

All weapon drops will have random rolls.

 Blasphemer : Available from Phogoth, The Untamed

 Apostate : Available from Taniks, The Scarred

 Heretic : Available from Zydron, Gate Lord

 Bane of Crota Shell : Can drop from all 3 bosses

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Altar of Sorrow


Our team will sign onto your profile to complete the Selected amount of Altar of Sorrow Completions when Phogoth is available (5 Tiers + Boss).

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