Werner 99-40 – Weekly Bounties

Werner 99-40

Weekly Bounties

 Get powerful rewards by completing Werner 99-40’s weekly bounties!

You can access Werner’s Weekly Bounties after a completing the quest Invitation, that you get from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. There are 4 bounties available every reset and for each completed bounty you will receive Powerful Gear, Runes and Imperials as a reward.


Golden Experience : Gain experience by completing tasks and defeating enemies throughout the solar system
Benevolence : Collect Orbs of Light
Imperial Bestiary : Defeat enemies of all species.
Trial By Wits : Complete 8 Gambit daily bounties.
Trial By Combat : Complete 10 Crucible daily bounties.
Trial By Valor : Complete 10 Vanguard daily bounties.
Gaze Into Death’s Eyes : Defeat 200 enemies at close range using Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Sidearms, or Swords.
The Emperor’s Embrace : Defeat 150 enemies with precision final blows.
The Imperial Salute : Defeat 100 enemies with class abilities.
Salvaged Goods : Loot 5 Legendary engrams from the ground in any activity.
Revered Treasures : Decrypt 3 Prime Engrams.
Spoils Of War `: Collect 350 lost treasures by defeating enemy combatants anywhere in the system

Rewards: Powerful Gear, Puny Purse of Imperials and Legendary Rune

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