Traveler’s Chosen

Weapon Questline

Complete a series of quests to earn the Exotic Sidearm, Traveler’s Chosen!

Traveler’s Chosen is obtained by completing the Exodus: Evacuation questline starting at Asher Mir. Traveler’s Chosen deals Kinetic Damage and has the unique perk “Gathering Light.” Final blows with this weapon give you stacks of Gathering Light which you can consume for Grenade, Melee and Class Ability energy.

The new, unique perk on this sidearm “Gift of the Traveler” also increases the weapons reload, handling and target acquisition with each stack of Gathering Light

Rewards from completing the Exodus: Evacuation questline alongside Traveler’s Chosen

Mindbender’s Ambition D.F.A Silicon Neuroma Duty Bound Braytech Osprey

Weapon Questline

IO Evacuation

  1. Evacuation: IO
  2. Observer Effect
  3. Into the Pyramidion
  4. Double Blind
  5. Fleischman-Ascheim Axion

Titan Evacuation

  1. Evacuation: Titan
  2. Clearing the Decks
  3. Asset Interception
  4. Be the Wall
  5. The Will of a Titan
  6. Report to Zavala

Mercury Evacuation

  1. Evacuation: Mercury
  2. A Shattered Future
  3. In his Footsteps
  4. A Disciple’s Plea
  5. Better Days Ahead

Mars Evacuation

  1. Evacuation: Mars
  2. Signs of Life
  3. Recycled Components
  4. Signal Shielding
  5. Force Reboot
  6. Report to Zavala


900+ Power Level

Must have the Season of Arrivals season pass

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