The Last Word

The Last Word

The Last Word Quest Steps:

Step 1: Tainted Artifact

Seek the guidance of one who dabbles in the arcane to learn more. This unknown artifact seethes with an odd, familiar sickness.

This is likely just taking you to The Drifter who has been known to dabble…

Step 2: The Cleansing

Purge the artifact of its sickness.

Step 3: A Cleansed Artifact

The artifact is now cleansed. But what is its purpose?

Step 4: The Temptation

Want to see what this artifact can do? Feed it Light by defeating Guardians in the Crucible. Being defeated will impede progress.

Step 5: The Damnation

The artifact is calling to something dark. Uncover a dark ritual on Titan and stop the twisted ceremony.

Step 6: A New Jagged Purpose

You found a Guardian’s helmet penetrated by a unique bullet.

Step 7: Sullied Light

The Hive weapon master is creating new Weapons of Sorrow. You need to stop it. Gather powerful objects to sully your Light and complete the ritual.

  • Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees.
  • Earn multiple “Best served cold” and “Blood for blood” medals in the crucible.
  • Defeat Hive with precision damage to collect larvae.
  • Sacrifice Hive bosses summoned in witches’ rituals.

Step 8: Sorrow’s Road

You have all you need to track the Hive weapon master.

Step 9: The Conversation

Enkaar, the Hive weapon master, is hiding in Hellrise Canyon in the Tangled Shore. Hunt him down!

Step 10: A Darker Path

You defeated the Hive weapon master thanks to a mysterious gift, the Last Word. What would the Drifter say about that?

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