Redrix’s Claymore

Redrix’s Claymore


Redrix’s Claymore is the legendary Pulse Rifle obtained after reaching the “Fabled” Glory Tier in Destiny 2’s ranking system. The Pulse has a unique perk called Desperado, after reloading while Outlaw is active the rate of fire is increased. This Perk resets on every kill, Desperado lasts for a total of 10 seconds and can be compared to Rampage + Kill Clip in the same unique perk. When the Desperado Perk is active the gun goes from a time to kill of 1.07 to .6 seconds.

The gun is both a trophy and a true competitive option in the right hands. Redrix is unlocked at 2100 Glory Points. Our Sherpas will boost your glory until Redrix’s Claymore is unlocked. Please allow multiple days for our Sherpas to complete this boosting order. If you have a preferred time slot that you would like us to boost your account on please leave a note in the additional notes section of the checkout page we will do our best to boost during those time slots.

If you are interested in standalone wins please visit our Glory Boosting service.

Due to the nature of difficulty this product is Play For ONLY.


Glory Boosting orders will usually take place Tuesday-Thursday when Trials is not live or when our PVP Sherpas have vacancies in their Trial’s schedules. Please allow our Sherpas to schedule in a way that promotes efficiency and helps ensure that you maximize your Glory Points gained. The Rewards change seasonally, not weekly. For larger Glory Boosting orders please expect several days for completion. 

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