Leviathan Raid Boss Checkpoint 3x Service

We can complete the Raid Boss Checkpoint 3x by either playing with you or playing for you. We at Sherpas of Destiny understand that the last boss can be incredibly frustrating with an inadequate team, and we are here to fill that role and help you beat The Leviathan Raid, and other raid bosses before the reset hits!

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Please note: There is a required Light Level of 290+. Our boosting services will get you there if you aren’t yet ready!

330 EoW boss Argos (PRESTIGE) 300 Normal 375

SoS boss Ca’uor (PRESTIGE) 360 Normal

These services can be split up however you’d like them. We can do 1x each week or any combination you desire. We utilize a robust order management system that keeps track of all open and non completed services. Specify in the “additional notes” section how you would like your order handled.

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Price: Just $120.00 $102.00!

Raid Boss CP × 3

$40.00 $34.00 / pc.

Play For/Play With

Let the Sherpas play for you, or schedule a run with the Sherpas!

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