Prismatic Recaster

Bounties & Upgrades

Upgrade Your Prismatic Recaster to Receive Rewards!

You can upgrade the different ranks for the Prismatic Recaster to gain rewards. Complete Bounties, Contact Events and upgrade the ranks of your Recaster to unlock new items for Destiny 2.

How Do I Upgrade My Prismatic Recaster?

1. Collect Twisted Energy to upgrade the  Prismatic Recaster by doing the following
– Weekly Bounties
– Reach Certain Ranks of the Season Pass
– Certain upgrades to the Prismatic Recaster will allow some activities to reward Twisted Energy

2. Use the Twisted Energy to upgrade the Prismatic Recaster and acquire New Ranks and Unlocks

Let our Sherpas do the heavy lifting for you! We offer Rank boosting for your Prismatic Recaster. 

We also have Daily Bounties, Weekly Bounties, Contact Event options available.


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