The Leviathan Raid Normal Mode 3x (Chests Included)

Normal Leviathan Raid 3x

The Leviathan is Destiny 2’s first raid, released on September 13th 2017. Calus, a Cabal Emperor is the antagonist in the Leviathan Raid. Calus set’s forth 3 challenges before welcoming you to the final boss battle. This raid has interesting new mechanics never before seen in a Destiny Raid, while also modeling various encounters with inspiration from past Raids. Each section of the Raid involves a high level of communication in order to complete the tasks Calus will set before the team. Our Sherpas can run the Leviathan Raid for you or with you! We will teach you each encounter’s mechanics along with the optimal strategies and weapons.

The Curse of Osiris DLC has raised the recommended Power Level to 300! Completing the raid rewards a guaranteed Power Level 330 drop!

Required Power Level : 270+

You can also buy a Normal + Prestige Package here: Normal + Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid Package


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The Leviathan Raid Normal Mode (Chests Included) × 3

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