Black Armory

Forge Completion

Season of the Forge introduced the Black Armory and with it new 3-man activities. Volundr ForgeGofannon Forge and Izanami Forge.

Ada-1 will give you a quest chain that you need to complete to unlock the forge and also reward you with a Black Armory weapon once you complete the specific forge quest. You will also need to complete the forges for weekly and weapon bounties from Ada-1.

Quest Steps

1. Stolen Black Armory Gear

Defeat fallen until you get a Stolen Black Armory Gear item.

2. Gather Additional Tainted Gear

Eliminate Fallen with precision kills to collect tainted Black Armory Gear.

3. Needle in The Tangled Shore

Capture a Wanted Fallen emerging from a cryo-pod in the public event at Thieves Landing & Defeat Fallen with melee damage on the Tangled Shore.

4. Scourge of The Armory

Fallen caches investigated.

5. Siviks’s Delivery Note

Track down roaming Captains on Nessus to further pinpoint where the tainted gear originates from.

6. Origin: Nessus

Investigate Siviks’s center of operations to track the origin of the tainted Black Armory Gear.

7. Another Lost Forge

Explore an uncharted location on Nessus and locate the lost forge.

8. Basic Sniper Rifle Frame

Recover a Weapon Core from a stolen Black Armory crate in Artifact’s Edge or the Hallows on Nessus. Obtain Compound Ether from the Fallen to charge the Weapon Core.

9. Sniper Rifle Alpha Frame

Get precision kills and defeat powerful enemies with Sniper Rifles to start the calibration.

10. Sniper Rifle Beta Frame

Get multikills with Sniper Rifles to finish the calibration.

11. Sniper Rifle Calibrated Frame

Collect Radiant Seeds by defeating powerful enemies.

12. Radiant Sniper Rifle Frame

Craft the Black Armory Sniper Rifle by completing a Gofannon Forge ignition on Nessus.



   Black Armory Key – A secret key that unlocks the Hand lock in the Mysterious Box quest step.

   Rasmussen’s Gift – Secret Emblem (Requirement: Must have Hammerhead Machine Gun)

   Satou’s Secret – Secret Emblem (Requirement: Must have Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle)

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