Curse of Osiris Story

Curse of Osiris Story

Let the Sherpas of Destiny guide you through the Curse of Osiris Story!

Welcome to the Curse of Osiris

Osiris, the most notorious Guardian in the history of the Vanguard, finally makes his long awaited appearance. You will help Sagira, Ikora, and Osiris take out the Vex threat on Mercury in Destiny 2’s latest DLC. Along the way, unlock the mystery of the relationship between Osiris and his disciple, Ikora Rey.

The story unlocks the planet of Mercury, as well as a new vendor, new adventures, and of course, new rewards!

A team of our Sherpas will complete the entire Curse of Osiris Campaign for you. We will complete every step with precision and exactness, leaving you ready to enjoy everything Destiny 2 has to offer. Our Sherpas will ensure that your character uses the optimal gear available and that every story section is unlocked.

The Curse of Osiris includes eight Missions, three Adventures, two Strikes, a Raid, three Crucible maps, two Locations, and two World Quests! With so much to offer, you can’t afford not to take advantage of Sherpas of Destiny’s services today.

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